Auchentoshan Virgin oak

Auchentoshan virgin oak is solely matured in virgin American oak casks laid down in the millennium,
Bottled at 46% and NCF, this is yet another bold expression coming from the distillery, and not the last I assure you.
I’m not sure what I expected from this but I thought sweet vanilla and oaky flavors would be prominent, I was wrong.

A deep amber in appearance,

Nose..Cinnamon,oranges, ginger with a nutty nose and a lovely vanilla background.

Taste.. Spicy, ginger, apples, lovely maple syrup and Demerara sugar, but not massively sweet.

Finish.. It’s a medium finish, still lots of spicy notes, dried fruits,

This is a Virgin Oak from Auchentoshan is carrying some nice complex notes, the fact it’s a lowland Whisky is not lost in the power of virgin oak, it still has subtle touches but with a fierce fiery kick, it does not give its secrets out easy, be patient with it, let it breath and it won’t let you down, another notch for Auchentoshan, I can’t wait for the next release ..

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