My pour

So one question that is always asked is ” how should I drink my whisky ” well you should drink it however you want, add water if you want, drink it neat, drink it in a tumbler, its all about you. myself I always use a glencairn nosing glass, I pour a good 25-30 ml measure, I never add water at this stage and I usually take a small sniff. I try to let it stand for a few minutes, I always let it warm up at room temperature, I’m not a fan of drinking it straight after the pour, once I feel I’m ready to get to grips with my pour. I’ll nose it several times ( even more if it is an old sherry cask whisky ) I do find the nose can be better than the actual drink sometimes, the nose can draw you in, give you that excitement you used to get when you entered the candy shop as a kid. I have been known to nose for an hour or two on the very old sherry drams (35-45yo ) they can keep you griped and in a daze with the many scents they is then time to try, small sips are in order, draw a little air in and swirl the liquid around the mouth, think about what it is I’m tasting, is it sweet, sour, full of spices, vanilla, oaky, there is no wrong answers here, it’s all a personal journey. We all find something different so don’t worry if you do or don’t find something someone else has or hasn’t. It is now time to swallow, lovely.. Now it is time to repeat (the fun part )do I add water? usually no. On the odd occasion I do add water I’ll add very small amounts, literally a drop or two, remember you can put more in but you can’t take it out ! It’s all about enjoying your dram so do what you want.. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise..

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  1. sorrenkrebs says:

    It is your whisky, drink it as you see fit 👍


  2. Archie says:

    Wise words and so simply put. At least you say to do it as fits unlike some of those who dictate how you should try it.

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