Aberlour abunadh batch 50

Another superb release from aberlour of the very popular abunadh series, batch 50 is bottled at a whopping 59.6%. It carries a lovely rich dark red colour..
Nose… The nose just bursts with those usual sherry notes, dried fruits, orange peel, and that lovely spicy scent you get with sherry matured whisky.

Palate.. This certainly packs a punch, those dates, figs and marmalade flavours just coat your tongue, there is a lovely taste of dark chocolates and spices. It’s such a warming drink.. Makes you feel all fuzzy inside.

Finish.. As you would expect from the abunadh the finish isn’t shabby. It hangs about long enough to make you know you want more..

Thoughts.. This whisky packs a punch from start to finish, it does open up with water but I do  prefer my whisky neat. I’m sure this whisky will just keep on going as it has gained many many fans, I am one of them. Although you know it is not an old whisky that does not matter, it has character, body and soul. Lovely.

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  1. Sven says:

    This whisky is great, you hit it spot on. I like to buy this more than I do.


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