Auchentoshan 1996, bottle your own

This bottle your own Auchentoshan 1996 is Bourbon Cask 11030, bottled at 56% and Ncf.. Bottled on 1-10-2013,

This is stunning.

Nose… Its fantastic, loads of vanilla and all things sweet, werthers original, fresh citrus notes, lemon peel, orange peel, even some spicy notes popping up.. take your time, its worth waiting for this one to open up fully.

Taste… It just got better, this is nector worthy of the gods, smooth, rich and ever so heavenly.. vanilla, toasted almonds, a little spicy too, pepper maybe, touches of toffee apple, candied orange.

Finish… Spicy and sweet, just delightful.

Thoughts … Gems like this Auchentoshan 2001 single cask need to be bottled just like this,  at cask strength these single barrels just show how good Auchentoshan can be, those rich sweet notes develop perfectly and act in perfect harmony with the spices and floral notes. Well done Auchentoshan.. more please.

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