Aberlour abunadh batch 31

A stunning offering in the form of Aberlour abunadh batch 31, it is bottled at a whopping 60.5% .. A true sherry monster..

Nose.. A fantastic array of dried fruits just whack your inner nostrils, intense spices and candied oranges, its just a phenomenal experience.

Palate.. It’s one of those moments that take a while to sink in, there is so many flavours whacking the inside of your mouth. First those typical sherry flavours hit you, dates, figs, candied fruits, spices galore, cinnamon, toffee apples, then  burnt sugars, coffee notes and liquorice to finish off with.

Finish.. It’s long but that’s probably due to the strength, your mouth tingles for ages and is full of ” Christmas cake ” flavours..

Thoughts.. This isn’t an old whisky but boy if packs a punch, each batch differs slightly, and that’s what makes it such a good series. The  need to buy more batches just to see what is different is compulsive, my only fear is they will one day stop this release…
Well done to aberlour for doing this batch series, it’s a winner in my eyes

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