Owner.. Burn Stewart distillers.
Founded.. 1881.
Region.. Islay.
Capacity.. 2 700 000 litres
Tel.. 01496 840646
Web.. http://www.bunnahabhain.com
Visitor centre.


Bottle your own [20cl bottle, 3 casks]


To enter the Bunnahabhain distillery is to walk into a story of a seafaring adventure. You’re on-board a ship sailing ever forward in its search for perfection, while remaining firmly anchored in craft, tradition, heritage and a passion for adventure.

From here stem tales of endurance, devotion and wonder, but one thing everyone knows to be fact is that since 1881, our gentle malt has always begun with good quality malted barley, clean, pure Margadale spring water and a little yeast.


Bunnahabhain is not a typical, heavily peated, smoke-filled Islay – instead it lets the sea and the island’s nature speak naturally. This welcoming taste embodies the approachable side of Islay

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