Glen scotia


Owner.. Loch Lomond group.
Founded.. 1832.
Region.. Campbeltown.
Capacity.. 750 000 litres.
Tel.. 01586 552288

visitor centre…
Glen Scotia has always produced two styles of whisky; peated and non peated. Typically the peated whisky is produced over a period of 6 weeks per year. These two styles will be maintained into the future as they are characteristics of the Campbeltown style which Glen Scotia is known for.  Over the years the quality of the whisky has improved with longer fermentation and vatting of the malted barley as well as a slower and more careful distillation. But overall the process remains the same as it always was. Although we no longer malt our own barley we buy in Scottish malted barley to our exact specification in order tomaintain the true Glen Scotia character through our distilling process.

JOHN PETERSON ( master distiller)

It is with John’s guidance and expertise that the three new malts of Glen Scotia have been developed. Designed to reflect the originality of Campbeltown whisky styles, Double Cask and 15 Year Old are designed to reflect the originality of Campbeltown whisky styles, whilst the Victoriana expression demonstrates the unique, gently peaty style that is Glen Scotia. John will continue to develop further new expressions of Glen Scotia that will stay true to their roots in the early days of Campbeltown Scotch whisky.


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