Owner.. Chivas bros.
Founded.. 1958.
Region.. Speyside.
Capacity.. 4 400 000 litres.
Tel.. 01807 510244.


Built in 1958, Tormore was one of the first new distilleries to appear during the post-World War II Scotch boom. The beauty and uniqueness of its architectural design were recognized in 1986 when the distillery was granted listed building status, despite being less than 30 years old.
Tormore Distillery was designed by the renowned architect, Sir Albert Richardson.
 Sir Albert Richardson (1880-1964) was one of the leading architects of his time in Britain, and was awarded the Royal Gold Medal for Architecture. He was known for his architectural style which combines neoclassicism with modernism.
This style is apparent in the design of the Tormore Distillery where the traditional stone balconies and the copper roof, which has gradually weathered to a deep green colour, sit alongside clean, sharp edges and minimalist gardens.
Tormore Distillery is also home to some architectural quirks, in particular, a clock that plays four different Scottish songs every quarter of an hour.


A Remarkable Location..
The impressive grounds of the Tormore Distillery are located in the heart of Speyside, nestled on the edge of the Cairngorms National Park, home to some of Britain’s highest mountains as well as its largest native forests. These mountains give Tormore its name, it being taken from the Gaelic Torra Mhòir, meaning ‘the big hill’.
Tormore Distillery sources its water from the Achvochkie Burn, which flows past the distillery to the River Spey about a mile away.
The water flows through wild heather and peat, and over expansive granite hills before it arrives at the distillery, reaching Tormore Distillery with crystalline purity.
Situated amongst the rural beauty of the Cairngorms, Tormore Distillery makes every effort to reduce its impact on the environment and ensure the landscape will remain unaffected for generations to come.

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