There are many collectors out there, some collect certain distilleries, some collect closed distilleries and some collect from certain years. Many people don’t actually decide to collect, it just happens, one day you wake up and wham you have started collecting. At this point you should try to decide what direction your collection is going to go, set targets and budgets, the costs can soon rocket beyond where you feel comfortable, and your collection is all over the place. You should enjoy your collection, not look and worry about it.
There are those who collect for investment, this can be a risky choice, at the moment the investment side can bring some good profits, but be warned it is still a risk to buy just for profit. Which bottles will bring you profit ? .. Well who really knows, the best advice I could give is buy bottles from the most popular distilleries like Macallan, Dalmore, Bowmore and Glenfiddich, these are distilleries that are still operating and have massive followings. Then there are the closed distilleries, Port Ellen, Brora and Rosebank, are a few of the more popular ones to collect from. what should you take in to consideration when buying a bottle ? Well firstly buy whisky that is limited in numbers or has a very good story behind it ( snow pheonix)
These days the limited number game can vary massively, any thing from 3-50,000 bottles and more, so be careful when buying in this category. You could buy bottles from certain years, most popular is birth years, obviously the older you get the more expensive the whisky gets, and the more limited the options, some of the whisky from the 50s and 60s are now commanding large price tags.
The 70s prices are rising fast, and the 80s are beginning to rise. Condition of the bottle, tags and packaging is also important, if selling then the condition is very important, so keep it safe, also keep the bottle away from direct sunlight, otherwise labels can fade. You should also keep your bottles standing and not laid on their sides otherwise if the bottle has a cork the the cork could break and taint your whisky. Whatever the reason you decide to collect, you should always try to buy bottles you will want to drink, that is after all what whisky is made for.



Part of my ever growing collection.


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