Are you obsessed ?

Do people tell you your obsessed with whisky, are you finding that you get wound up over other people’s ways ? Check out the below statements, if you answer yes to more than you do no, then my friends your obsessed…


1, You cringe when someone puts coke or soda in their whisky.

2, You get excited when someone asks the difference between single malt and blends.

3, You take delight in looking at legs.. Ok this one you can miss out.

4, You still get excited at going to festivals.

5, You want your whisky older.

6, You always get lost in the supermarket ( down the whisky Isle).

7, Your idea of a great holiday is in Scotland not the Caribbean.

8, Cask strength gets you excited.

9, You dedicate a whole room to your whisky collection.

10, You actually smell a drink before drinking.

11, You can find strange scents coming from your glass that others just don’t get.

12, People call you obsessed.

13, When you hear the doorbell you think it is another delivery for you.

14, You don’t realise where the time has passed when you pour your favourite whisky.

15, You go to your local whisky shop and you know more information than the sales team.

16, When your partner says “it is me or the whisky” and your first thought is the shop shuts at 5pm.

17, You have to think up ways of sneaking whisky into the house unnoticed.

18, You buy an expensive bottle of whisky buy quickly take the price tag off.

19, You read the above and don’t see the problem.

It’s all a bit of fun so don’t worry if you said yes to them all.

Your not alone!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think I am certainly obsessed, Can you send me details of a support group? I got it bad.


  2. Scotchsnob says:

    I really like the ‘ it’s me or scotch ” one.. It brought a smile on


  3. Bill says:

    I’m doomed, good bit of fun. Although I did answer yes to all .


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