Glenfiddich 12

This is the entry level malt for Glenfiddich, it will always have many followers and plenty of people that just want to slate it.  Glenfiddich is one of the worlds best selling malts so they must be doing something right. This malt was my first single malt that I bought so I will always be happy to buy and drink it..  Unfortunately it is only bottled at 40%  I’m sure it would have many more fans if it was 46% upwards..


Nose..  Typical fiddich,  Green apples and pears are the first aromas that hit you,  it has a lovely fresh meadow scent of honey moss and freshly cut grass.

Palate..  It starts so fresh ,  those green apples and pears, honey and vanilla, simple but tasty.

Finish..  It does not have a long finish but it is fresh and full of citrus and honey.

Thoughts…  This malt is never going to set the world on fire and it is not expected to, it is a simple entry level malt and it does that job very well. Anyone wanting to get started in the long journey of single malts can not go wrong with this, it easy to nose and taste.. Unfortunately it is easy to dismiss too, which is the biggest shame.

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  1. Neil C says:

    I came across your review on the Glenfidich 12yo and found myself agreeing with your notes, I really like this malt and drink it on a regular basis. Good review.


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