Glenfarclas 1967 family cask

This Glenfarclas family cask from 1967 was bottled in 2007,  it has the most amazing colour and just screams at you to open and taste the delights awaiting you inside..


Nose..  It is subtle at first but soon opens up into a great big explosion of aromas, those classic dried fruits, candied oranges, and all things spicy, it really is a nose worth spending some time with, after a while you start to get those toffee apple scents, vanilla and a little bonfire smoke, but it is subtle.

Palate..  As soon as this liquid hits your mouth you get burst after burst of dates, figs, liquorice and spices galore, they just keep coming, coating your mouth with such delights. Citrus peel but not in a bitter way comes in to say hello followed by this lovely sweet oaky taste, it is so thick you feel like you have to chew not drink this nector.

Finish..  Really , does it finish ?  It seems like it is in your mouth forever. I guess it has to come under the long finish banner, although it is longer .

Thoughts..  These old expression from Glenfarclas are just astonishing,  they really do mature so fantastically well. If I was a rich man I would buy them by the barrel and pamper them.. This range of family casks are just fantastic, they are two dimensional, the nose is enough to make grown men cry with happiness, the taste forces emotions we didn’t know we had.. It makes me sad to know the older versions are so limited, one day these will be just a memory, but what a memory it is… Thank you Glenfarclas.

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  1. Karl says:

    Wow !! What a privilege to be able to try something like this !


  2. Emily says:

    The way you described this whisky had my mouth watering, I know I will not ever have the chance to try a whisky like this but your words make it almost as good.


  3. Cristopher K says:

    Hi There! We are searching for experienced people that might be interested in writing reviews for our whisky blog and your reviews are very informative, if you’d like to join us please get in touch! And again this is a great review.


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