Kiln embers


This is a new expression released by Weymss malts in September 2015.. It is a limited release of 12, 000 bottles world wide and is bottled at a very nice 46% and even better it is NCF.. It does not have any age statement and has more islay malts in the blend than its sister release Peat chimney..

Nose..  You certainly get that hit of smoke straight away, it is not shy.. After a few minutes the smoke lets the other notes have their say.. Citrus and vanilla notes come to the fore with cinder toffee and a little oaky note in the background..

Palate.. Again the citrus notes like orange and lemon peel are there with the taste of bonfire smoke, toffee apples, heather, vanilla and a liquorice toffee after taste.

Finish.. The finish is medium, lots of smoke, toffee notes and a little drying feel..

Thoughts.. This noses and tastes like a  medium peated blend, it does not feel overly old but is very drinkable and pleasant.. If you like your smokey/ peated malts you should be happy with this, if you are not into your peat then stay  clear..

4 Comments Add yours

  1. A D Benson says:

    A good review.


  2. Mathew clough says:

    Great review.


  3. sorrenkrebs says:

    Please do, let me know your thoughts if you get some.


  4. Sven says:

    Sounds like interesting blend, will have to try find.


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