Mortlach 25


This mortlach 25yo is part of the 2014 release and is bottled at 43.4% and available in a beautiful 50cl bottle, it is a rare beauty indeed.. It certainly looks the part. Although I have not had the pleasure of many mortlachs I can not wait to taste this.

Nose.. At first it is really fresh and full of fruits like oranges and stewed apples, once it opens up it is delightfully spicy, cinnamon and ginger play with your senses, dark chocolate aromas mixed with liquorice and old leather are there in abundance.. Close your eyes and you could be in an old cobblers shop, or saddlery..

Palate.. This coats your mouth with lovely syrupy sweet flavour of eastern promise, dried fruits, cinnamon, ginger and Turkish delight, before it gives way to toffee, vanilla and cinder toffee notes, fresh apple pie, honey and a fresh oaky taste entwined with coffee, Demerara sugar and liquorice just add to the many delights you encounter on this epic journey.

Finish.. It finishes in style, long, lingering spicy notes, a lovely drying feel leads you into a second pour..

Thoughts.. This mortlach is full of complex flavours, if you sit back and shut your eyes it will not let you rest for a minute, you go on so many journeys you don’t know if your coming or going.. It is like your sat in a time machine jumping from place to place, be careful though or you might not want to wake up.. The oak really does seem to have done its job with this one. The flavours are in no way subtle, it is a full on, in your face,  big bold complex dram.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. sorrenkrebs says:

    It was a pleasure to review it. Great whisky


  2. sorrenkrebs says:

    It was a pleasure to review it, hope you get to try it one day


  3. Marshall Thomas says:

    good review, makes me want to get a bottle, beyond my budget .


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