St Georges Distillery


Owner..  The English whisky co.

Founded.. 2006.

Region.. Norfolk.

Tel.. 01953 717939


Visitor centre.


St. George’s Distillery is  based in Roudham, Norfolk, owned by the English Whisky Company who produce single malt whisky and other malt-based alcoholic spirits. The distillery was  the first dedicated English distillery to produce single malt whisky in 100 years at the time of the building’s completion in 2006.

Founder James Nelstrop, described this opertunity to produce whisky  in Norfolk as a dream forty-five years in culmination. Andrew Nelstrop, son of James Nelstrop was the main contractor in the building’s construction and today runs the distillery as well as being a very active ambassador for the company.

The distillery produces and sells a wide  range of whisky products in the onsite shop, not limited to beverages but also includes glassware, whisky-based jams and conserves. Along with a coffee shop the distillery is well suited to visitors.


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