Auchentoshan Bordeaux 2006 BYO.

Auchentoshan distillery is located just outside of Glasgow, The distillery is a lowland whisky producer that gives you lovely subtle floral notes, fresh fruity flavours with a nuttiness that is found in most releases.. But..

A recent trip to my beloved Auchentoshan distillery resulted in me getting another bottle your own to add to the collection, of course I had to buy 2, one to taste ..


So this cask is the Auchentoshan Bordeaux 2006 BYO, with the cask hailing from chateau Lagrange.

Filled 15-2-2006.

Bottled 1-6-2015.

Bottle strength 58.3%.

The colour can only be described as ruby red, it is majestic…

Nose.. Instantly there is a plum jam aroma, so so fruity, raspberries and blackberries, black treacle, raisins and dark chocolate.. It makes my mouth water in anticipation..

Palate… It is so sweet, typically fruity like a good wine matured whisky should be,  you could count it in your 5 a day.. Plums, blackberries, figs and of course grapes coat every bit of your mouth, apple strudel with cinnamon,dates and raisins. You can’t help but feel this would be great with ice cream..

Finish… It has a good finish, so sweet but dry, fruity and a little oaky..

Thoughts.. It is well known I love Auchentoshan, this lowland distillery really does suit my palate. This Bordeaux wine cask matured whisky is another Winner in my eyes..It is so different to what you expect, although the distillery has recently started to release a few Bordeaux finished whisky, this fully matured wine cask is full  on fruity and sweet, packed with flavours and memories of eating jam smothered on doorstep slices of bread, I am sure there will be many new fans..

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  1. Thomas says:

    One thing I’d really like to say is before I found your blog not many notes were posted about Auchentoshan but I now can come here to find many. Very Interesting blog post.


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