“The one”


Today I have the pleasure of trying a new expression from the lakes distillery known simply as ” the one”, this is a blended whisky comprising of whisky from all over the British Isles, bottled at 40% and is a lovely straw colour..

Nose..  The very first sniff gives you a lovely sweetness in the form of vanilla and toffee, citrus notes and a little ginger thrown in for good luck,  a gentle malty aroma and soft smokey notes flow over subtle floral scents .

Palate.. The taste of vanilla ice cream is first in line with a soft honey flavour and apple turnovers, baked pear and cinnamon with a malty background.. A little smokey dryness towards the end..

Finish..  The finish is short and sweet but in a good way, the smokey notes are a lot more prominent on the finish..

Thoughts.. This is a very pleasant blended whisky, although it does not give any indication of the quality of whisky we can expect from the distilleries own spirit it does show us they know what they are doing..  The subtle notes this whisky offers will make it appeal to many.. It isn’t overly smokey so the gentle notes are very detectable.. It is easily worth a try, and I’m sure many will fall in love with it..

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