Glenrothes vintage reserve.


This expression is a combination of 10 vintages from Glenrothes. The vintages used to create this expression are thought of as some of the finest produced by the distillery. This is bottled at 40%abv.

Nose.. First impressions are of fruit, lots of citrus peels,   Freshly squeezed orange, dried fruits,  sweet notes rise in the form of vanilla pods, toffee apple, and apple strudel, caramelised nuts and a faint lemon meringue scent in the background.

Palate.. Quite fresh and fruity in the form of oranges, Apple, black berries and red berries all stuffed in a freshly backed pie, Demerara sugar sprinkled on top, vanilla  and sugared almonds thrown in for good measure.

Finish.. A medium finish, lovely sweet notes of vanilla, a hint of lemon peel and faint oaky notes to finish it all off.

Thoughts.. This is a lovely fresh vibrant offering. The different aged casks have married rather well, it is  a well balanced very drinkable offering from Glenrothes, the only improvement would be a higher abv..

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