Crown royal


Crown royal deluxe is a Canadian blended whisky, it comprises of 50 different Canadian whiskers. This tasting was done as part of a live Twitter tasting.. Thanks to Crown royal and Steve rush at the Whisky Wire for the sample..

Nose.. The nose is instantly sweet, lots of vanilla, toffee and natural sweet tannings, fresh fruits, pear and  kiwi mingles with dried fruit and lots of oaky notes.

Palate.. The palate is youthful sweet and multilayered , creamy  vanilla and toffee notes, a little coconut with vibrant fruity flavours. Lots of oak and a little grainy which makes it harsh but it works well..

Finish.. Medium, dry and oaky.


Thoughts.. My first adventure into Canadian whisky. This one has a lovely ever changing nose, it intrigues you, makes you hang around.. The palate was not as strong in my opinion, the youthful notes worked well with the grainy side, lots of sweetness and oaky tannings..  But overall a well balanced whisky worth having around.. Suits just about everyone’s pocket..

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