Ardmore triple wood

Ardmore Triple Wood.


New to the market This Ardmore Triple Wood has been matured in American oak barrels, quarter casks and puncheons. This expression is NCF and bottled at 46%..

Nose.. The nose has a lovely soft smokey aroma, waves of fruit come dancing out in the form of oranges and apples, subtle citrus peel notes tango with spicy ginger and cinnamon.. There is a hint of eastern delights in here..

Palate.. It is fruity with subtle waves of smoke, spices roll over the tounge, this is good on so many levels, lovely vanilla notes, toffee,  a little brown sugar coated almond..

Finish.. The finish is all grown up.. A nice lingering sweet, drying finish with hints of smoke..

Thoughts.. This is a mighty fine whisky, well balanced and full of complex layers.. A very good whisky to share with friends..  There is a maturity to the Ardmore triple wood not always found in the core range, that makes you want to spend more time getting to know it, the nose changes from subtle notes to big bold flavours then back again.. It invites you to dive in..

This review was part of a live Twitter tasting.. Thanks to Steve from the whisky wire and the gang from Focus.. Graeme and Alexandra..


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jasper says:

    I like Ardmore so will be buying this as soon as I find


  2. Alex j says:

    I agree with Ben, I like way you review, I will look for this bottle


  3. sorrenkrebs says:

    At the moment I do believe it sells for 62euros, this is a duty free offering..


  4. Ben Oakley says:

    This is another one that I like the sound of. Maybe it’s just the way you review them! Any idea on the price?


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