The Ardmore Legacy


The Ardmore Legacy is a lightly peated release made up with 80%peated malt and 20% unpeated, it was released in 2014 to replace the Ardmore traditional, this is bottled at 40%abv..

Nose.. I found this to have plenty of rich sweet notes, vanilla mingled with smoke, toffee, honey and some cinnamon, smouldering wood charcoal and some earthy notes.

Palate.. Again that smouldering burnt taste with lots of chewy smoke, vanilla and toffee, candied pears drizzled with honey.. Cinder toffee with barley sugar and an after taste of citrus peel..

Finish.. The finish is not over long, smokey with a sweetness towards the end..

Thoughts.. This Ardmore Legacy is an ok whisky in my opinion, it lacks a little umph.. A higher abv might help.. There was some good points and some good bold flavours, the smokey aromas and flavour are quite well balanced and not overpowering ..

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  1. Lucien Heitz says:

    Not always a fan for Ardmore but since I try this bottle I do quite like now. I must try buy more from them. Thank you for the review, is good.


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