The Ardmore Port Wood.


The Ardmore Port Wood Finish has been matured in traditional American white oak bourbon barrels and European half port pipes for 12 years, it is NCF and bottled at 46%abv.


Nose.. The nose is full of berries, red and black, it’s just like a freshly baked berry  pie with vanilla custard, Blood  Oranges dipped in rich toffee, dates and figs give it an eastern feel,  chocolate and sugared covered almonds with a hint of tobacco and all wrapped in a smokey overcoat.

Palate.. The palate just keeps on giving..  This is thick and chewy. Again blackberry pie drizzled with a honey glaze, burnt oranges, a little spice, Turkish delight, sugared almonds and a really faint touch of smoke. Strong black coffee with honey and a lovely dark chocolate note are found dancing around in the background..

Finish.. The finish is long and sweet, some oaky notes pop up with natural vanilla tannings..

Thoughts.. This Ardmore Port wood finish is another lovely rich offering, those port pipes really have given some bold flavours to this whisky, it makes it feel like a grown up whisky.. Defiantly one for the Xmas list..

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