Penderyn distillery

Owner.. Welsh whisky company.

Founded.. 2000.

Region.. Wales.

Capacity.. 700,000 litres.

Tel.. 01685 813300


Visitor centre.


Penderyn Single Malt Whisky launched on 1 March 2004, a date which signalled the return of whisky distillation to Wales after an absence of more than 100 years. The distillery was officially opened by HRH, Prince Charles. Penderyn is made at the Penderyn Distillery which is located on the southern reaches of the Brecon Beacons.


Penderyn Distillery opened its doors to visitors in June 2008 with the launch of its new purpose built Visitor Centre. The distillery is located in the spectacular Brecon Beacons National Park. Guests can take a journey through the history of single malt whisky making in Wales, see Penderyn distilled before their eyes and enjoy a selection of Penderyn products in a well-stocked bar. Open all year-round, the award-winning Visitor Centre is one of South Wales’s top attractions, visited by 35,000 people in the last 12 months. It has won a Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence and also beat the BBC’s Dr Who Experience in Cardiff to one of Wales’ top tourism awards. Penderyn also offers expert-led Master Classes, where small groups are guided through an unforgettable whisky experience which includes a tour of the facilities, an interactive explanation of whisky production and, of course, an in- depth tasting session.


The spirit: Penderyn whisky is distilled from a high quality malted barley wash which we produce on site. The new whisky spirit is produced from this barley wash on a specially commissioned unique whisky still, designed by a team led by engineer Dr David Faraday, a relative of the great Victorian scientist, Michael Faraday.This unique still produces a high quality and flavourful whisky spirit at up to 92% alcohol by volume. As of 2014 we have two such stills and we also recently commissioned a further pair of more traditional lantern stills. The water: The whisky spirit is married with spring water drawn from directly beneath the distillery. The distillery lies within the bounds of the Fforest Fawr National Geopark, one of only 53 Geoparks across the globe: areas designated by UNESCO as exhibiting, ‘geological heritage of great significance’.

The ageing:

Initial ageing is in ex-bourbon oak casks, sourced from the best Tennessee and Kentucky distilleries. Most casks come from Buffalo Trace, widely recognised as one of the finest bourbons in the world and respected for using some of the best casks in the industry. Evan Williams’ casks are also used, which are of outstanding quality and bring great provenance as Williams (a Welshman) was one of the founders of the American Bourbon industry. The master distiller noses and scores each individual cask over many years. At precisely the right time, the whisky is disgorged and re-casked into ex-Madeira barriques. Penderyn has a special relationship with one of the finest cooperages, which only supplies the very best Madeira houses. We also use Peated, Sherrywood and Portwood casks. Slowly, the spirit will leach the Madeira from the oak, gaining increased subtlety and complexity. It is only when this process is complete that Penderyn’s master distiller allows the spirit to be bottled.

The bottles:

The design of the bottles was given precise attention, as Penderyn is a unique whisky. Glenn Tutssel, an eminent alcohol branding designer who has looked after several household names, heads up the design team. Our 46% abv range incorporates the Welsh Gold theme with a contemporary approach to bottle design: the labelling and casing are transparent, whilst most other malt whiskies have paper labels and/or solid cardboard or metal cases.


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