Penderyn sherry wood.

This is the second review in the series for Penderyn whisky.. This whisky is matured in bourbon barrels from buffalo trace before being finished in ex oloroso sherry casks.. It is bottled at 46%abv..


Nose.. The nose is lovely and sweet,  first hit is vanilla and honey, then the sherry notes slowly rise in the form of sultanas and figs, candied orange peel with a hint of ginger..

Palate..  More sherry notes are prominent on the palate than the nose.. More of that  spicy fruity taste, orange peel and ginger mixed with dates and cinnamon, it is quite chewy, and a little oaky in parts..

Finish.. The finish is quite bold and full flavoured.

Thoughts.. Again this is a unique and strange tasting whisky, there are some bold flavours for a whisky that is not over old.. The sherry influence is more prominent in the palate, the nose gives you the impression it is going to be sweet and one dimensional, but once the sherry side opens up it gets quite interesting.. I would be very interested to try an older version of this in the future.. Or a fully matured sherry cask whisky from them..

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  1. sorrenkrebs says:

    I will try it for you George.. but I didn’t think it needed water.


  2. George, elPolako says:

    Since it’s 46 ABV, I wonder how dash of water would change your perception?

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