Cask Islay..

Today I have the pleasure of reviewing “cask Islay ” from the A D RATTRAY stable, this is an unnamed single malt from the fabled isle of Islay, the home of  peated whisky.. This is bottled at 46% abv.


Nose.. The nose offers up lovely subtle  smoke with oodles of citrus notes and a sweetness in the form of vanilla and toffee apples, a lovely charcoal note mixed with cigar smoke engulfs the nostrils while a faint floral note tags onto the smoke, rather like damp heather on an early spring morning..

Palate..  It starts off with waves of smoke before the sweetness is allowed to show up, vanilla, cinder toffee and toffee apples, burnt orange peel with an oily texture coats your tongue.

Finish.. A lingering smokey aftertaste with hints of oak tannings..

Thoughts..  This is a lovely easy to drink Islay whisky.. Not too overpowering, reminds me of caol ila.. This is definitely a bottle to put on your list, great value and easy to drink, it could easily pass for something more expensive, if you like your islay whisky then you will love this..

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