Ben Bracken 28yo.

The whisky up for review is a Ben Bracken 28yo, this is an unknown distillery bottled by the Clydesdale Scotch Whisky Company..  The only information we have is that it is a speyside single malt whisky, it is chill filtered and matured in  American white oak casks, it is a limited release of 6,000 bottles and is bottled at 40%.


Nose..  At first it has a soft sweet and fruity aroma, given a little more time it opens up more, more fresh fruits, green apples, pears and some ripe plum notes, a sweetness in the form of vanilla, toffee and butterscotch mingle with a subtle heather and floral notes, newly cut grass and  a hint of  oak hides in the background.

Palate.. There is a distinct sweetness in the form of vanilla and toffee with  a little subtle  coconut. Once  past the sweetness, subtle fruity notes show up   candy apples, cooked pears, plums and a little apricot, some citrus peel and burnt orange. A little malty note subsides into a gentle spicy note.

Finish.. The finish is a medium sweet one with a little oak in the background.

Thoughts.. This bottle is from lidl, and is sold for £49.99 , not knowing what to expect from the Unknown whisky I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and complexity this whisky had to offer. Now it is not going to be ” the best whisky in the world ” but it is good, it does show a few qualitys we expect from speyside malts, and for a 28 yo it is great value.   Could it be better ?  Yes, NCF and a higher abv could improve things, but it isn’t ..  Will I buy more, yes ..  Will I share it with other whisky friends ? Yes and I bet they will think it is a more expensive bottle, in my humble opinion this whisky is from a good producing distillery, using decent casks that have been pretty active, good flavours and a good price make this well worth going out and buying a bottle or two..

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  1. Kimberly says:

    I bought this for my partner thanks to your review. He really enjoyed drinking it so thank you.


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