Craigellachie 13yo

Thursday 19th November,

I was lucky enough to be picked to join a live whisky tasting of craigellachie, we sampled the 13,17,19,21 and 23yo whisky, the full range sampled were all NCF and natural colour.. Here are my thoughts on the 13 yo. This was bottled at 46% and was released in 2014. The distillery is located in the heart of speyside near the rivers Spey and fiddich.



Nose.. The nose starts off slow with distinct fruity notes, apples, banana and candied pears,  waves of vanilla and honey rise up in the clutches of subtle smoke and a malty undertone.


Palate.. This is left field of the nose, more sweeter than I expected, honey is in the forefront with vanilla pods and toffee prominent, a little floral and herbal note hide in the background while a little spicy kick dances on the tongue..


Finish.. The finish is medium and warming  and leaves you feeling satisfied..


Thoughts.. This 13yo has a lovely feel to it, a perfect everyday kind of dram. It is above an entry level type of whisky but not overly complicated, you will get plenty out of it.. And lots of enjoyment..

Thanks go out to Steve at the whisky wire and all involved in the tasting event..







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  1. Freddy says:

    Thanks! Good review


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