Craigellachie 17yo

The second review in a series of Craigellachie whisky from a live tasting. This review is for the 17yo, this whisky has spent time in both bourbon and sherry casks and is bottled at 46%, NCF and natural colour, released in 2014…



Nose.. This starts with a sweet note from vanilla and toffee, fruity in the form of apples, pears and some red fruits. Citrus notes fade  in and out of subtle raisin and malty undertones..


Palate.. Citrus notes and baked oranges fill your mouth while toffee and vanilla take turns in giving a lovely sweet flavour,  pears drizzled in honey and a little ginger sprinkled on top.. Lemon peel and that subtle herbal note pops up again..


Finish.. An oily texture dominates this finish with sweet spicy notes fading out nicely..


Thoughts.. This 17yo is very enjoyable, has a level of complexity along with an ever changing palate..perfect to share with friends..


Once again thanks to Steve and all involved in the live tasting..

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