Craigellachie 19yo.

The third in a series of 5 tasting reviews for Craigellachie, tasted and reviewed live on Twitter, we tasted the 13,17,19,21 and 23yo. This review is the 19yo, bottled at 46% and is NCF and has natural colour.



Nose.. This one starts of with more of a spicy aroma, ginger, aniseed and  some liquorice mixed in, raisins and apple pie/crumble with vanilla custard finishes it in style..


Palate.. The first thought is of spices, caramel shortbread, vanilla and dark chocolate. An oaky note flows nicely with a wholemeal flavour in tow. Manuka honey gives it an earthy flavour while cinder toffee bring back the sweetness.


Finish.. Long, warm and full of hugs..


Thoughts.. This malt has body, and is a multilayered assault on your senses.. A lovely nose goes hand in hand with a very nice spicy array of flavours..

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