Craigellachie 23yo.

The last in a series of 5 tastings taken from a live tasting on Twitter. This offering is the 23yo, bottled at 46%, NCF and natural colour, it was matured in oak hogsheads and only 200 cases were available world wide..


Nose.. An array of flavours hit you all at once, vanilla, toffee, lemon drizzle cake and fruity notes like orange and baked pineapple, a subtle coconut scent rides on the back of earthy notes, dark chocolate and cinnamon notes float effortlessly around while a tropical scent tries to be noticed.

Palate.. This tastes like a cinnamon infused chocolate orange, with vanilla essence and candied orange peel sprinkled with nutmeg.


Finish..  A lovely long  and spicy sweet kick..


Thoughts.. This is a complex whisky with many layers, it needs time to open up, a fantastic array of flavours and scents.. But.. Yes there is a but,  there just is not enough to go around.. I really hope more is produced..

Thanks must go out to Steve from the whisky wire and Stephen Marshall from Dewars,  also a shout out to everyone involved on the night..


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