Tomatin Legacy.

imageTomatin distillery was formally established in 1897, although it is thought that whisky has been produced in the area since the 1400s. The name Tomatin translates into ” hill of the juniper bush” as the juniper bush was believed to be used to burn by the illicit distillers due to it not giving off any smoke.

The Tomatin Legacy is matured in both bourbon barrels and virgin oak casks and is bottled at 43%abv.


Nose.. The nose is lovely and sweet, vanilla and toffee notes rise up while fresh citrus in the form of lemon and orange delicately massage the inside of your nostrils, pear drop sweets and subtle coconut notes balance out this floral, fruity and sweet vibrant nose.


Palate.. Again a sweetness rolls over the tongue, barley sugar, candy floss and vanilla notes form a coating that takes you to the fair ground, lightly toasted pineapple coated in manuka honey  brings your senses to life, orange peel and cinnamon notes finish off this devine mouth watering delight.


Finish.. Fresh, fruity and satisfying.


Thoughts.. I am really falling for this distillery, the whisky is fresh and easy to drink, lots of big bold flavours interact on many levels with subtle notes. It is easy to see why many whisky fanatics love this  highland offering.

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