Tullibardine 500 ( Sherry finish)

Tullibardine distillery is found in the Perthshire countryside, ” the gateway to the highlands”  the distillery still operates in the old fashioned way without “modern day computer technology”  as they put it. The distillery has a varied core range and today’s review is the ” 500″ or sherry finished, this whisky is matured in first fill bourbon barrels before spending 12 months in sherry butts.


The 500 is bottled at 43%abv..


Nose .. You are greeted by a wave of bold scents, candied oranges, toffee apples and apple pie infused with cinnamon, dates, figs and  bitter chocolate rise on the back of a delightful earthy honey note.


Palate.. Creamy and lovely sweet notes are quickly overtaken by a spicy eastern flavour, those dates, figs and cinnamon flavours complement a toffee fudge note, dark chocolate and a hint of baked pear drowning in honey finish a barrage of flavours.


Finish.. A very nice spicy dry finish..


Thoughts.. I like my sherried whisky and this is no exception, a very well balanced whisky with layers of flavours just waiting to be unlocked. The more you try to know this whisky the more it seems to offer, one minute it gives you big sherry notes the next there is sweet bourbon flavours, next time you see this whisky grab yourself a bottle.. I am sure you will enjoy it..

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