Old Pultney 12yo.

Founded in 1826 by James Henderson the old Pultney distillery is one of the most northerly on the Scottish mainland.  The distillery was closed in 1930 and re opened in 1951 and today is owned by Inver house distillers.

This 12yo is fully matured in ex bourbon casks and is bottled at 40%abv.


Nose.. Extremely fresh with a bold sweetness, lots of honey, toffee with cooked oats ( think porridge with honey and a little salt ) a subtle nutty flavour possibly pecan and roasted almonds. A hint of the salty sea air with some herbal notes, thyme and basil and finishing off a with a little spicy kick.


Palate.. A little more of the spice shows up on the palate, plenty of sweetness, vanilla and toffee with a citrus note, candied orange and delicate floral notes collide before salted peanuts do battle with honey roasted nuts for the last word..


Finish..  The finish is not overly long but delivers a lovely spicy oak flavour with a refreshing sweetness.


Thoughts.. The standard expression.. Why should we expect anything spectacular about it.. Well you should expect a more complex, well rounded, well balanced, very enjoyable dram for your money..Because that is exactly what you get !

This review was part of a live tasting, thanks go out to Steve from the whisky wire, Allied glass and Old Pultney..

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