Tullibardine 225.

Tullibardine 225 ( sauternes finish) is my 3rd review from this distillery, this whisky has been matured in first fill bourbon casks before spending around 12 months finishing in Chateau Suduiraut Sauternes casks. It has been bottled at 43% and has a lovely deep golden straw colour.


Nose.. Very fresh With a lovely sweetness , plenty of rich vanilla, toffee then you come across  candied orange peel, pears drizzled in honey and a hint of grape. This just keeps changing, a rich syrupy scent flows in after a while with subtle spices, and a creamy chocolate note.


Palate.. Instantly fruity,  rich, orange marmalade with a hint of ginger, some dried fruit with vanilla pods and toffee fudge sprinkled with coconut.


Finish.. A rich, fruity finish that makes you want more.


Thoughts.. In a market that has more and more “finished” whisky this one is right up there, it is wonderfully rich, fruity but still very fresh. It offers a lovely complex nose and palate, you are drawn in instantly.. It will not be out of place at any dinner table or study as an after dinner dram, shared with friends it will be a great talking point.. Lovely.

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