Tullibardine Sovereign

Tullibardine Sovereign is a NAS release fully matured in first fill bourbon barrels. It has been bottled at 43%abv and has a light straw colour.


Nose.. At first there is subtle vanilla but this soon increases into a more intense aroma with toffee notes and some spice in the form of ginger,  a hint of coconut finishes it off.


Palate.. Vanilla and butterscotch are the dominant flavours, some sweetness from natural tannings and a little spicy kick, a hint of fruit with an oaky aftertaste.


Finish.. The finish is a little harsh, sweet notes finished with a spicy kick.


Thoughts..My impressions are that this is a young malt, it does have some good points, the sweetness gives you an enjoyable dram, it is very easy to drink and easy to be happy with … But.. It lacks a little something.. Give it a few more years and this could be pretty darn good, you can see the potential, you know it has good qualities,  the nose promises so much sweetness and the palate almost delivers. It is still worth buying a bottle to drink on those quiet evenings and share with friends.


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