Glenrothes select reserve.

Glenrothes select reserve is the entry level offering, again it is a NAS release like all the releases from Glenrothes, although most will have a vintage statement.

This is bottled at 43%.



Nose..  This starts off very fresh, lovely sweet notes, vanilla and toffee notes flow softly with a fruity aroma,  lots of orange, orange peel and plums, a little pear soaked in honey.


Palate.. A lot of oak at first, some sweet notes, vanilla,toffee and caramel, orange zest and caramelised orange.


Finish.. A little short but fresh and fruity.


Thoughts..  The nose on this one promises so much,  it is very fresh, fruity and sweet and just makes you think your in for such a delightful dram.. The palate was smooth and enjoyable but just lacks a little something.  This is probably a young whisky, it is perfectly drinkable but it will not set the world on fire.. As an entry level whisky it sits in good company, it is one worth trying, and I’m sure many will find it enjoyable..

2 Comments Add yours

  1. james says:

    I have had this a few times and it changes constantly, but i do find it expensive


  2. Grant says:

    I thought this was a little bland. It just did not hit the spot but I do like this distillery.


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