Creative whisky company

The Creative Whisky Co Ltd specialises in Exclusive, single cask, single malt whiskies. Why are they Exclusive? Because each and every bottling is from one cask; sometimes less than 100 bottles, sometimes as many as 600. They are always available in exclusive retailers, you won’t find these whiskies in mass markets, price vs quality driven supermarkets or bargain basements. They are also enjoyed by the exclusive few – those looking for something a bit different.

Exclusive Malts

Single Cask whiskies bottled at Cask Strength and usually wholly aged in one cask. The Exclusive Malts are casks as young as 8 years old and as old as 40 but carefully selected; each year less than 24 casks are chosen for this range.

Originally presented in a Saltire (Blue with White stripes) carton, these whiskies are now beautifully adorned with paintings of Birds of Prey. The birds share no connection with Scotch whisky or any preference within the company; we just liked them.

Exclusive Casks

Single Cask whiskies bottled at Cask Strength; each cask has been finished in a different kind of oak cask. We Creatively seek out some of the finest wines, Sherries, Ports, Madeira’s, Oak species and the like, for creating some truly outstanding finishes. Casks from Bordeaux, Rioja, Jerez, Porto, Barolo, East & West Europe & America have been used to complement the whisky.

A normal finishing period of 3 months is our preferred time but occasionally we let the whisky mature a little longer if we feel there is more to come. Some of these whiskies have now gained cult status and have scored very highly – if scores are your kind of thing…

Exclusive Range

Single Cask whiskies bottled at various strengths; the Exclusive Range are predominantly young whiskies ranging from 8 years to 16 years. These casks are picked as easy-drinkers, although that is no admission of a lack of quality or complexity

Hanley & Stirk Whisky aged Beer

Hanley & Stirk is first of a new line of whisky aged beers from the Creative Whisky Company. We’ve taken a barrel of Elsie Mo Pale Ale from the award winning Castle Rock Brewery and aged it for twelve weeks in a Pedro Ximenez Sherry Cask, previously used to condition a twelve year old Bowmore Whisky.

The process has infused Hanley & Stirk with the characteristic smoky bitterness reminiscent of some Italian lagers (think Peroni) whilst retaining the refreshingly smooth malt driven sweetness of Elsie Mo. In addition the beer has gained a remarkable floral nose, a summery elderflower cocktail enriched with the sweet undertones of the sherry cask. The aftertaste is strongly flavoured by warm smoke from the Bowmore whisky, rounding off a very unique beer.

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