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Since I started this blog back in August (2015) I have been asked a few questions, I decided to put them all in one area and try to answer them. They are mostly about me and this site and the reasons behind the layout..

As and when I am asked more questions, I will add to the list but here is the start..

  1.  Why did I start this blog…

I started the blog for the simple reason I wanted somewhere to put my tasting notes and thoughts on the whisky I was drinking and the industry as a whole. I never thought anyone would actually take the time to look and read my thoughts. At first I felt that people would just laugh at my inexperience and very amateur notes, but I have had some positive remarks. I have been drinking whisky for many years and never actually thought about what I was drinking until I joined a few whisky forums. Once I started to compare my notes I realised I could actually pick out a few notes, from that moment I decided I should write them down.. So that was the start of an idea to do a blog.  I never really read any other blogs or similar things so my blog is patterned around my own lay out and thoughts..

2.  What does the ” ocd ” part actually stand for..

When trying to come up with a name for the blog I tried all the usual stuff but they were already in use, then one day my wife just said ” your obsessed ” and that was that.. I sometimes joke about the meaning.. “Obsessive compulsive drinker” but I don’t actually drink a lot ( honestly) and obsessive collecting disorder..  But it is simply..  obsessive compulsive disorder.. I do hope no one with this problem takes offense, but I do have an obsession with collecting and maturation side of whisky..

3. Why don’t you score your reviews.

I have never really agreed with scoring whisky, we all have different thoughts on how good whisky is, we have personal tastes and what I think is a 90 others may think is an 80. Does it really matter about a score anyway ?  I just want to know if I enjoyed it or not, I want to say what I think I can detect, and if it was good enough to buy another.  If I go out and buy a bottle or more then I believe it is good. When thinking about scoring there are a few ways.. 1-5 or 1-100, in my opinion the 1-5 score is too narrow but the 1-100 is just too big, how often will we see anything under 50, so why not use 1-50, anyway I made the decision to not score my whisky reviews unless asked to do so, if I score 80-90 then I think it is a very good whisky, 90 onwards just means wow..  I would rather just say I think you should try it because I really enjoyed it.

4.  Why should anyone listen to me.

You should not.. That is the simple answer, I am here to give you my opinion and that is it, I would hope you will read my thoughts and look at others before making an opinion. I always buy a whisky on my own beliefs, I never let any one else influence me. I will ask opinions, I will look up other people’s reviews, but in the end I make up my own mind and so should you..

5. Why do you like Auchentoshan so much..

My love of Auchentoshan started many years ago, I always had the usual bottles of Glenfiddich and Glenmorangie in the house, one day I decided to try something different and bought a bottle of Auchentoshan select.. I instantly loved the subtle floral, fresh taste, it was a very easy drinking whisky, I then tried a few other offerings from them and that was it.. I could not get enough. To this day I have visited the distillery around 15 times,  I have around 68 bottles in my collection and far too much odd bits from the distillery..

6. Have I any background in whisky.

The simple answer is no.. I am just a drinker and collector like most of you out there. I have no experience in writing as I’m sure you will have picked up by now. I am a middle class working man, married with 2 daughters.. It is just that simple.

7. What is my favourite whisky.

I find this hard to answer because there are so many fantastic whiskys out there but I will give you my top 3 if that is ok… This is not in any order though..

1. Auchentoshan 1979 32 yo sherry matured.. This is just a stunning whisky, fantastic nose and palate.

2. Balvenie 41yo single cask, I voted this my whisky of 2015, why because it is stunning on so many levels..

3. Glenfarclas 40yo, the nose on this is to die for.. I could sit and sniff this all night, so many fantastic scents..

I am sorry that I have not given you the answer as you asked but it is as close as I can get..

8. How do I do my tasting notes.

I always try to do my reviews at home, at the same time each day ( or as close as possible) and in the same room.. I generally start by pouring my dram but always have a spare glass.. when doing the nosing part I Nose several times then pour the whisky into the empty glass and nose both glasses… it’s amazing how much more you pick up by doing this, So many delicate notes that might be missed for instance.. once the nosing is done I take several sips, taking notes with each sip and still nosing the empty glass and the one with whisky.  I then compile my notes.. I will then repeat the process in order to check my notes and complete my review with my thoughts..

9. Will you publish a bad review.

The simple answer is Yes.. I might put that it’s not to my taste and quote others that have enjoyed it if I think it’s just my taste.. but if it’s bad then I will say so !!

13 Comments Add yours

  1. sorrenkrebs says:

    Hi Mariette.
    Yes I do believe our palates change, the more time passes the more we learn to appreciate other styles and maybe move on from the styles we love now compared to those than we enjoyed months/years ago..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. sorrenkrebs says:

    Gavin.. Great question, I am amused by it to be honest, price of grain has risen and dropped over last several years, cost of production has risen but I think a lot of the rise is due to profit chasing, unfortunately not a lot we can do about it other than either boycott or buy ( obvious I know ) A lot of people try to blame it on second hand market but I am not so convinced..


  3. Gavin says:

    Hello Sorren, I was just wondering what you think about the rising prices compared to the cost of production ? Thanks Gavin.


  4. Mariette Robinson says:

    Greetings. I was bored at work so I decided to look over your earlier stuff during my lunch break. I love the knowledge you provide here and can’t wait to take a better look when I get home. Just wondered if you think our palates change over time to the point a whisky you love now might be one you don’t love as much later on.
    fantastic blog!


  5. G H Adams says:

    Very good answers


  6. Reid says:

    I can’t claim to be a bourbon aficionado quite yet, but Four Roses Single Barrel is one of the best whiskies – of any kind – that I have ever tried.


  7. sorrenkrebs says:

    I am just trying to get into bourbon, I have very limited knowledge of it so far but I am starting to enjoy it..


  8. Marshall Thomas says:

    I am one who likes to make a few notes but I can not see the point in the scoring side. I would like to know you think to bourbon and what is your favourite malt whisky.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Idrinkwhisky says:

    Totally agree with not scoring the whisky. Just a simple good or bad should do. It is always great to read a good review and take notes from there.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. sorrenkrebs says:

    Well said Reid. We all have different views and thoughts. I am happy to take other people’s scores once you work out how they score..


  11. Reid says:

    Well said ad I couldn’t agree more – I don’t score whiskies either. I find the whole idea to be a waste of time and some scoring systems are rather ridiculous – such as including scores for bottle presentation… As if that has any impact on the quality of the dram! I’d much rather just read some thoughtful reflections about the experience and decide for myself the ways that I might agree/disagree.


    Liked by 1 person

  12. sorrenkrebs says:

    Exactly rumtastic. I just don’t see the point, if I’m asked to score a whisky I would rather say it is fantastic or yes it is good or err it is drinkable.. Rather that yes it is a 83 or 85, now does that mean the 83 is only ok ? ..


  13. rumtastic says:

    I’m totally with you on lack of scoring. I understand people use the web to get an idea of what is good, usually prior to a purchase, and the easiest way to do this quickly is look for a number that tells you it’s value. I do find it odd though that so many people rely on the scores of total strangers to determine whether to buy something or not; it’s totally subjective, it can’t be any more subjective if it tried. It’s like me recommending an Ardbeg to you because I like it…..doesn’t mean it’s for you just because it’s for me.

    Liked by 1 person

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