Paul John ( edited )

Part 2 of a series of 3 offerings from the Paul John stable.. “Paul John Edited ” is the latest review. Edited is also matured in bourbon casks with 15% peated whisky vatted together in order to make the finished product. All the products are double distilled in a traditionally designed pot stills. As with all spirits matured in warmer climates the maturation is speeded up, the only down side is those greedy Angels, taking between 8-12% ..image

Paul John Edited is again bottled at that very attractive strength of 46%..

Nose.. This is one of those noses that lets a lovely subtle smokiness mingle with vanilla, toffee and honey notes while playing with a fruity but fresh aroma. There is a slight citrus note in the background along with a slightly damp oaky scent..

Palate.. This is extremely well balanced, the smokey note compliments the sweet caramel and vanilla notes rather well, liquorice rides on the back of the oaky taste that just give you a hint they are there. A little ginger and a hint of cinnamon infused Apple tingle your tongues taste buds before giving way to the taste of bonfire toffee..

Finish.. A lingering spicy, smoke infused time bomb that explodes in your mouth..

Thoughts.. Where do I start with this one.. A lovely youthful whisky that is much more mature than its age suggests. Lots of complex flavours and subtle aromas. This is certainly a whisky that should not be overlooked..






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  1. Randy says:

    This was my first taste from Paul John whisky and my initial thought was what a superb whisky, I have now bought the Bold.


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