Paul John ( Bold )

No 3 of 3 offerings from Paul John Indian whisky.. This time I have the expression named ” Bold” .. This is another expression from Master  Distiller Michael John,  again this expression is matured in American oak casks and stored in an underground temperature controlled cellars. They say what comes out is then sheer magic !image

Once again this expression is bottled at 46%..

Nose..  There is the distinct aroma of smoke in this offering, not overpowering but certainly more pronounced than ” edited ” the sweetness is still there but more subtle, toffee apple and honeycomb are in the foreground while some fruity notes try to be noticed. Honey or rather manuka honey ( a little earthy ) has some presence along with wood  spices .

Palate.. A little more spicy than I expected,   Lots of ginger and cinnamon, nutmeg, a little  caramel, toffee mingle with  bold smokey flavours that coat every inch of your mouth, that honey sweetness comes on the second wave dragging a lovely dark chocolate taste along with bitter coffee notes.

Finish.. Punchy with a Devine smoke infused spice kick..

Thoughts..  I have really enjoyed trying these 3 expressions from Paul John Indian whisky, the complexity and vast array of flavours are a resounding success.. Indian whisky is certainly making a name for itself and deserves to be taken seriously.. All 3 expressions are extremely well priced ( £ 38-£42 mark )  I look forward to trying more expressions from the distillery..




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  1. William foxx says:

    Tried Paul John at a recent festival and loved it immensely. Bought the “Edited” and might have to try this one next.


  2. Hans Elkan says:

    The bold is my favourite from Paul John, for a youn whiskey it is very mature.


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