Bowmore ( small batch )

Bowmore distillery is well known around the world for the ever popular  peated expressions it continues to produce.  The distillery stands on the shores of loch Indaal, Here is where the distillery has distilled the whisky since 1779. Bowmore still to this day carries on the old traditions, one of only a handful of distillerys that still have their own malting floor.. And not forgetting the no1 vault, the oldest maturation warehouse in Scotland and the only one below sea level.

So into the whisky, I was lucky enough to be given a place on a live Twitter tasting of the peated malts of distinction to celebrate Burns night.  This review is part of that tasting.  Bowmore ( small batch ) is  matured in first fill and second fill bourbon barrels and has been bottled at 40%abv.


Nose.. Subtle smoke at first then it awakens and gives a little growl, sweetness follows in the form of vanilla, fudge, toffee apple and salted caramel. Some spices come forward, cinnamon and ginger, with s hint of liquorice before the smoke carries the scent of the sea back Over your senses..


Palate.. Sweetness is instantly noticeable with vanilla and that salted caramel, subtle smoke infused citrus notes like lemon and orange peel with  some lime adds a little bitterness before burnt pears drizzled with heather flavoured honey drag the sweetest fruity,  Coconut and a slightly oaky flavour back into the light..


Finish.. Sweet, smokey and lingering..


Thoughts.. A rather pleasing Bowmore.. This is in no way one of those massive peat bombs, this is more refined, a more easy anytime kind of whisky, one to be drunk with friends over conversation, one that will be respected when offered..


Many thanks go go out to Steve from the whisky wire for letting me join in with the live tasting..





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  1. Peter bradshaw says:

    I am a big fan of bowmore, i really like the small batch. Need to order more.


  2. sorrenkrebs says:

    Totally agree with you Craig.. Not over powering but still enough peat and smoke to let you know it was a Bowmore.. My favourite too

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  3. This was my favourite of the night, it was so much more complex and subtle than the peat bomb I was expecting..


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