ancnoc 12yo

Ancnoc is the whisky produced from the Knockdhu distillery, situated in the village of Knock in Aberdeenshire, founded by John Morrison and opened in 1894, the distillery still keeps to the old traditions in order to produce what we taste today.

alan 9981

Todays expression is the 12yo and is the entry level malt in the core range, and is bottled at 40% abv.


Nose.. This has quite a delicate nose, lots of floral notes, blossom and heather, honey and soft fruit aromas, a little vanilla  and a subtle hint of citrus.


Palate..  A lot sweeter than the nose would suggest, vanilla and caramel pop up first with some pear and apple notes, heather honey gives you a little more sweetness before giving way to gentle spices and soft butterscotch.


Finish.. Not overly long but extremely fresh and enjoyable.


Thoughts..  This is one of those entry level whiskys that probably gets overlooked too much, it is extremely easy to drink, and should command a lot more respect than it probably gets, sitting at the bottom of the core range this only gives me hope the older expressions are going to be pretty good, the delicate flavours you find in this whisky really do complement each other, there is no really big bold flavours and that makes it even better in my eyes. There is a good level of complexity and well balanced flavours.. Don’t be afraid to go out and buy this, you will not be dissapointed..




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  1. sorrenkrebs says:

    I know, got one in the pipeline ..


  2. rumtastic says:

    If you’re after a bottle of the 16yo then you need to get a wriggle on; it’s been (or certainly will be shortly) discontinued.


  3. sorrenkrebs says:

    No, I have the 12, 22 and the 2000 vintage.. But I do intend to get some others soon ..


  4. whiskymad says:

    I love the 12yo, really fresh and vibrant, you describe it perfectly. Have you got the full range to review ?


  5. rumtastic says:

    Having gone through their entire core range, and some vintage releases, I can categorical say things get even better with age; no mean feat as the 12 is one of the best entry levels out there and a bargain for £30. Great summer whisky this one and anyone wanting to spend more the 18yo is fantastic – one of my whiskies of the year last year.

    Nice review sorren.


  6. sorrenkrebs says:

    Im sure you will not be disappointed, I really do think it is a nice easy to drink entry level bottle, very clean and fresh.. I will certainly be getting some more.. Please let me know if you get some and what your thoughts are ..


  7. Thanks for the review, Sorren. I’ve been eyeing up this bottle for a little while, given its very reasonable price point compared to how other releases are priced, like Ancnoc Rutter or Cutter. Been distracted by so many other options of late but based on your recommendation I’ll give it a go.


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