Glenturret sherry edition.

The Glenturret Distillery.

The distillery was founded in 1775 . That is the year before America achieved its independence and a time when Robert Burns was still in his teens. From the base in the heart of the Crieff community, and the  distilleries open-top mash tun and Douglas Fir washbacks, there is a craving for tradition, and although  the rest of the world has moved away from mashing by hand and cutting by eye as vital components of the whisky-making process, these are still practised here. The product is therefore looked upon as a genuine hand crafted product. run by only a handful of people ( 5 staff)  This is where the ”  5 pairs of hands ”  term comes from. The distillery can be found on the banks of the river Turret just outside of Crieff in Perthshire. In the early days this distillery was know as ” Hosh” which comes from the Gaelic word ” cois” meaning ” foot” as the distillery is found in a valley.  Thomas Stewart took control in 1875 and renamed it Glenturret in the centenary year..

So the sherry edition which I have today was matured in both Spanish and American oak sherry casks, and has been bottled at 43% abv, an increase from the 40% they used to be bottled at.



Nose..  A sweet aroma rises from the glass,  citrus notes and toffee are mingling together, while honey notes dance with candied orange and liquorice.


Palate.. First impression is of oak and spices, some sweetness comes through while citrus notes do battle with a slightly bitter taste. Eventually more sweet notes dominate with honey and some syrup poured over poached pears.


Finish.. Sweet with a drying mouth feel.


Thoughts..  The nose is quite fresh with some lovely aromas, you get drawn into it quite quickly. The palate does not quite live up to the delights of the nose but it is still very enjoyable.. This is one of those malts that you just want to sit down and drink with lots of friends, one of those malts that you don’t need to over think. It has a simplicity and that is the strength, don’t be fooled that just because it is not over complex that it is not an enjoyable malt because it is.. Would I buy more.. Yes I would..




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  1. I’ve been wondering about getting a bottle or two from Glenturret, just not been sure having never tried any before. Think I might look at picking this one up at least..


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