The Devron 18.

Launched in September 2015 this expression from Macduff  has adopted “the” in the name as well as a new frosted glass bottle at the relaunch.. The 18 yo was relaunched along with younger sibling the 12yo, already reviewed..  image

This expression is bottled at 40% abv

Nose… The nose starts off with hints of oak and natural tannings,  some sweetness     from honey and caramel, a hint of maple syrup. Some citrus notes pop up with a faint hint of mint.


Palate.. The sweetness carries on, caramel, toffee and caramelised pears. Citrus notes combined with a fruity freshness, some oak and the faintest hint of coffee and bitter chocolate.


Finish.. Quite short..


Thoughts..  The nose and palate are quite nice but the finish was really disappointing. It promised so much, a lovely fresh nose with plenty going on, the palate carries on but what happened to the finish.. It really did just stop as quick as it started.. And that is a real shame, the actual whisky is enjoyable, you want to drink more..



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  1. Danica P says:

    Very good review and thank you very much for your effort in writing this post.


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