Transparency ( what is all the fuss )

Over the last few months there has been a lot of fuss over Compass box declaring just what had gone into 2 of their latest releases.  What’s wrong with that I hear you say..  Well someone didn’t like it, a complaint went in to the SWA,  and of course it was anonymous, this is the world we live in today.. Now correct me if I’m wrong but the food industry enforces transaperency,  the list of ingredients on some things are never ending,  E numbers, here, there and everywhere,  the amount of sugar in our coffee has been another sore point and someone has the nerve to complain about another company telling us just how they made up the blend they are selling us ( the customer) am i missing something here ?   So there is a complaint,  compass box are given a slap on the wrist, ( I know probably more than a slap )   I myself was asked to remove some information from my blog on 2 occasions,  really !!  So I am pretty sure most people buying whisky from the likes of supermarkets and the local off license won’t give a second thought to what is in the blend,  I say blend because we all know what’s in our single barrel scotch whisky or single barrel bourbon and so on,  no one cares that we know this,  but the people making SOME blends don’t want us to know what is going in..  There are some great blends out there boasting some great whisky is going into their blend.. But we don’t know how much !   Do we want to know ?   Well I would like to know just what might be in.   Should we as consumers not have the right to know ?   should the blenders, bottlers not have the right to tell us ?  I know some might just say what whisky is actually in, some won’t tell us anything and some might even go the distance and tell us what is in and what % is in too, we should be told about colouring  that has been added, and so on,  I know this is a long battle but it needs to start somewhere and some time,  so come on SWA,  give the go ahead for transparency.. Give us what we want..  image

Was there any fuss about when balvenie told us what was in the first releases of the Tun series ?  Ok I know there was not a % given but ages were given, there is information out there on some Glenrothes vintages, how much fuss is there about these..  I and many others understand these laws are there for a reason but if a company wants to release the information about the make up then surely this is only for the good, If the unscrupulous company’s want to try rip us off by stating they have put whisky A in a blend plus B and E then there must be some proof.. Now there is a campaign currently running and believe me it is gathering pace, some of the big companies are joining in with Compass box, the likes of Tomatin, Glenrothes, Bruichladdich and Arran distilleries have thrown their support into the hat, ( well done to these first ones) i for one will give my support to this campaign and will support the other distilleries that join in by buying their products, so don’t be shy, join in and sign the campaign here..

This is what compass box has to say on the matter..

” We were recently informed that the way we’ve been communicating information about the age of the components in our whiskies is illegal. By sharing the entire recipe – by offering complete transparency around the age of each component whisky – we have been breaking EU regulations governing the marketing and promotion of spirits

It turns out that Scotch whisky is one of the few products where it is prohibited by law to be fully open with consumers. This is an issue that affects every corner of the Scotch world (from Single Malt distillers to blenders) and limits the ability of the producer to share pertinent information with their customers.
We believe the current regulations should change. That Scotch whisky producers should have the freedom to offer their customers complete, unbiased and clear information on the age of every component used in their whiskies. That those customers have the right to know exactly what it is they’re drinking.
Please read through the information below and – if you agree with what you see – take a moment to sign our Statement of Beliefs. Your support will help lobby UK and EU authorities to change the current regulations for the better.
Whiskymaker JOHN GLASER “

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  1. Luka says:

    Great post. I like to be checking continuously this weblog
    and I am inspired! Extremely helpful info particularly things like this. I maintain such info a lot. Thank you and good luck.


  2. Robbie says:

    Absolutely spot on


  3. G M Baker says:

    I have noticed there is a few more distilleries joining in with declaring what is in some of the no age statement Bottles which can only be a good thing in my mind.


  4. Jarrod says:

    Get behind and support these guys !


  5. Mason says:

    Totally back this idea.


  6. Daniel says:

    Thank you for a very interesting feature. fully support them.


  7. Christopher P says:

    This topic is so rediculous in the fact why are we actually having to talk about this ? Surely this kind of information should be on all labels already, come on SWA get your act together.


  8. Will says:

    This is a topic that is near to my heart… Cheers!


  9. Jimmy says:

    Wow this is a great site. my sister found your site and told me to pop in, I am going to tell her I have found it and now I’m going to be back.


  10. Mads says:

    Woah this blog is magnificent, i love studying your posts. Keep up the
    good work! You recognise, a lot of persons are searching
    around for this info, you can help them greatly.


  11. Idrinkwhisky says:

    I’m in too


  12. Paul Smith says:

    signed it. We want transparency. customer is always right.


  13. Peter bradshaw says:

    Great topic. I would love to know more about what the whisky is made up from. I will be on board too.


  14. Bob Wakefield says:

    I can’t believe it isn’t law already. Every other aspect has to announce what is in so why not whisky. Signed.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Malted says:

    Count me in too.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Craig says:

    On board too

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Awhiskysnob says:

    I have signed it. This is a great cause, give it your support.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Marshall Thomas says:

    Interesting article sorren. I will be looking into this more, thanks for the link.

    Liked by 1 person

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