Tullamore Dew ( live tasting)

Every now and again I take part in a live whisky/whiskey tasting on Twitter,  my most recent one was from Tullamore DEW,  the latest in reviews from Irish distillers.   Tullamore DEW is the creation of Daniel E Williams.. (DEW) who worked his way up from stable boy at the distillery to one day owning the distillery, he then created a whiskey with distinction and character that it was stamped with his initials,  DEW was born..  The distillery first opened its doors in 1829 in the heart of the town of Tullamore…

So when the chance came to do a live tasting from the range I had to jump..  Now  you know that the whiskey from Tullamore has a good following so the whiskey is going to be good, but we were all in for a little suprise..  The whiskey from Tullamore  is triple distilled so you know it is going to be smooth,  easy to drink and full of character..  On the night we tasted 4 whiskeys from the range.. Tullamore Dew original, the 12yo, 14yo and  a cider cask finished expression,  some are blends and some single malt.  Now I was going to review these individually but decided to put it all in one place so please be patient..



This is a tripple distilled blend that is aged in ex bourbon and sherry casks, bottled at 40%abv..

Nose.. Fruity with citrus notes, fresh blossom scents proceeded by vanilla, heather honey and poached pear.


Palate.. Very smooth and fresh,  the fruity flavour leads into sweetness from caramel, vanilla and a subtle oaky note.


Finish.. A spicy finish with hints of oak.



This is a blend matured in old bourbon cask and oloroso sherry casks, bottled at 40%abv..


Nose.. Once again the nose starts of with enticing fruity notes, apples, oranges and some pear, dried fruits are also present, dates and raisins with a hint of chocolate, caramel and toffee bring on a sweet aroma, there is also a faint hint of grape in the background..


Palate.. Dried fruit is more prominent, but the palate is so full, you soon get waves of fresh fruit, Apple, apricot, pear and a really rich honey note.  A spicy note in the form of cinnamon and ginger with hints of coconut and a sugared almonds hang in the background..


Finish.. Long, spicy with oak notes..



This tripple distilled expression is created once a year,  this can only be found at duty free stores, it is bottled at 40%abv..

Now this expression was one I was intrigued by, although this was the last one we tasted I have saved the 14yo until last..  This cider finish had me undecided, on the night I really struggled to make up my mind, I re-visited the sample in order to check my notes and give a more balanced opinion.

Nose..  Strange.. The obvious note was apples.. Apples and more apples, and a strange metallic note.. but after a while it opens up to give caramel, toffee ( apples) and honey,  a fresh mowed grass note hovers while some oaky notes appear in the background.


Palate.. Clean and yes you guessed it fruity from those apples, some citrus notes and a sweet side from the caramel and toffee, vanilla opens up into honey and sugared almonds.


Finish.. Sweet and oaky with a dry side.



So the 14yo was going to be the suprise tonight,  it is due to be launched this summer ( 2016) and  none of us really knew what to expect.  This is a single malt and matured in Bourbon casks, Oloroso sherry casks, Port casks and Madeira casks..  This is bottled at 41.3%abv..

Nose.. Beautiful… Massive… Full of dried fruits,  Middle East here we come.. Cinnamon, ginger, candied oranges, liquorice and leather notes,  somewhere in there is a real subtle hint of smoke ( pipe) given time you start to get subtle caramel, vanilla and coconut, with a delicate honey note..


Palate.. This is bloody good.. The palate just carries on from the nose.. Dried fruits explode on the tounge, orange peel and hint of lemon give you a nice citrus note while an invasion of sweetness comes from caramel, Demerara sugar and molasses.  Manuka honey gives a little earthy note before the fruit returns, grape, melon,  apricot and plums show up on the back of smokey oak type of flavour..


Finish..  Unfortunately it does.. Long , lingering and full on..


Thoughts..  This was a great night sampling these delights, the obvious winner on the night was the 14yo, this is just good in every way, complex, multi layered and so so easy to drink, this will score high on most people’s charts..

I would like to thank Steve at the Whisky wire and  Tullamore Dew for the opertunity  to sample and review these products…




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