PEAT CHIMNEY ( Wemyss malts)

Tonights delightfull dram is an offering from Wemyss malts, the well named Peat Chimney… And yes as soon as I opened it the whole room had the whiff of peated smoke.. So what do we know about Wemyss malts, they are an independent bottler with a great reputation behind them.  They say ” Our family name, pronounced ‘Weems’, comes from the Gaelic word for caves which stems from the rocky outcrop on the Firth of Forth on which our family home, Wemyss Castle, sits” .


Now back to the Peat chimney, it carries an age statement of 12yo and from what I understand it is a blen of 16 different whiskeys with a good measure of islay malt…  This is bottles at 40%abv.

Nose..  Instantly you get a big whiff of smoke, not offensive and certainly not medicinal, more like heavily smouldering charcoal. Some sweetness eventually fights it’s way through when honey and caramelised orange peel come to play, some ginger gives it a spice kick with a subtle oakiness in the background.

Palate.. There is a lovely toasted feel to this, although it has masses of smoke it has a lovely undertone of citrus, orange peel and  earthy notes like from manuka honey,  some heat appears, kind of like red chilli and some raw ginger.


Finish.. Long lingering smoke, with a dry sweetness.


Thoughts.. This really is all about the smoke,  but that is where it’s  strength lies, the smoke is sweet, dry and pleasant, it does not overpower and once opened up it enhances the other qualities this malt possesses. A very well balanced blended malt that has some good complexity to it..

My thanks go out to Andy  Purslow who very kindly sent over this sample..


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  1. Howard says:

    Very good article.


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