THE HIVE ( Wemyss malts)

My fourth review from the Wemyss malts stable is aptly named ” the hive” , this expression has its  focus set on honey’d qualities, this is once again a blend of malts from Scotland. These malts have been well paired with the names, the company focuses on giving you an idea of what to expect in the bottle, the range has comprised off Kiln embers, Peat chimney, Spice King and the hive, so it is quite obvious what is what.


This example is once again bottled at 46% ( well done Wemyss malts )

Nose.. Fresh scents gently rise giving this a lovely clean, fruity and beautifully sweet nose, lots of honey as you would expect from the name, delicate heather notes along with pear toffee apples, some subtle spice in the form of cinnamon and a little ginger.


Palate.. A fair bit of spice instantly coats the mouth while waiting for the sweetness to  take affect, with rich honey and butterscotch notes indulging your taste buds before a subtle caramel note and some vanilla starts coming to the party.


Finish..  A good lingering finish with sweet  notes to the end.


Thoughts.. This is a malt that I’m sure many of my friends would be extremely happy with if I serve them a dram whenever they visit, this is how I rate my malts.  I would be more than happy to drink this as an every day type of malt, a quiet evening , feet up kind of malt.

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