Ancnoc Vintage Twitter tasting.


I had the pleasure of joining in with AnCnoc and several whisky fans in the partaking of a live Twitter tasting off 3 vintages from the AnCnoc stable.  On the night we tasted the 1999,2000 and 2001 vintages, 2001 is the latest release but all boast non chill filtration, no colour and bottled at 46%abv. Each release is matured in both American oak and European oak, and all have an age of around 14yo.


The story of the Knockdhu distillery starts with a man of vision (who also had an eye for a good investment). In 1892 an enterprising chap named, John Morrison, bought the Knock estate. The surrounding land was full of peat and barley and the Great North Railway line ran nearby. So when springs of pure, clear water were found, John saw a golden opportunity.

Samples of the water were sent for analysis and soon negotiations were under way with The Distillers Company of Edinburgh to build a distillery.

Knockdhu opened its doors in October 1894. Back then it was regarded as the perfect embodiment of a modern distillery. So it’s perhaps no surprise that we still produce a light, intriguing and thoroughly modern whisky to this day.

so a quick review of the night..

1999 vintage.

Nose..  Very fresh and fruity,  lots of citrus notes and lovely pears drizzled in heather honey. Fresh vanilla pods and clotted cream, after a while you start to get floral notes with heather and fresh blossom notes.


Palate…  A creamy mouth full off goodness , this carries on from the nose perfectly.  Liquorice and citrus notes sizzle on the tounge.  Chocolate and cinnamon mingle together with even more sweetness from the vanilla and caramel notes.


Finish.. Clean and fresh..

Thoughts.. This is a typical seductive temptress..


2000 vintage..

Nose…  More subtle, like sitting in a meadow, freshly cut grass and blossom all around, intensely floral. There is a lovely relaxed bouquet, lots of heather honey and vanilla, a little exotic spice too..  There is also a candied orange and a lovely chocolate note floating around.


Palate.. Very chocolate orange with a hint of chilli .. Caramel and vanilla mingle with sugared almonds…balanced perfectly. vanilla comes more prominent with a touch of liquorice.   A touch of manuka honey bringing out an earthy note.


Finish ..  Dry with a twist of spiced oak..


Thoughts.. This is  quite a multi dimensional whisky, lots of complexity in here.


2001 vintage.


Nose.. More spicy with a big whack of citrus, the sweetness comes in the form of caramel/ butterscotch. There is a kick of spice in the form of ginger and cinnamon, a whisper of nutmeg and oodles of vanilla.


Palate..  This is like a 3 course meal, it has everything, very refined and perfectly balanced.. Dark bitter chocolate, lots of vanilla again, honey with s twist of lemon. Hidden in there is also a hint of liquorice, lots of candied orange and fresh fruits, a subtle treacle note with pears and peach.


Finish.. Spiced oak with a twist of sweetness.


Thoughts.. This is like an explosion of intense flavours.


Overall thoughts.. AnCnoc whisky is so fresh and fruity and ever so easy to drink, these 3 expressions were a pleasure to drink side by side.. They were all extremely well balanced and packed with complex flavours, overall a great evening.

My thanks go out to AnCnoc for letting me join in on this evening and for the generous samples.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Eric says:

    The Ancnoc whisky is such an easy drinking whisky, would love to do a tasting with this whisky.


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