LANGATUN Double header ( Bear v Deer )

Over the last few weeks a particular Swiss whisky has been catching my attention, Langatun. This was created sometime in 2007, but the family behind this has a rich history in brewing and distilling, sometime back in the 1850’s-1860’s a man named Jakob Baumberger first took charge of a brewery, after his death his son Hans carried on his work. He also set up a peat cutting business which provided fuel for his distillery and malting plant, today Hans Baumberger 3rd has produced the whisky that I have in front of me..

There are currently 2 different expressions available, old Deer which is an unpeated version matured in ex sherry and Chardonbay casks and old Bear, a peated version which has spent time in red wine casks from Chateauneuf du Pape.. Both versions are triple distilled.
I will be reviewing both today, both of these are bottled at 40%abv but there is s cask strength version available..
Nose .. Quite fruity at first but very light, red apples and ripe pear, dates and figs. A touch of caramel and vanilla mixed up with berries and forest fruits.

Palate.. Again lots of fruit but in a darker way, some spices and oak notes, a sweetness starts to shine through it all the time carrying that spice.

Finish.. Sharp but fresh with a distinct oak infused spice kick.

Thoughts .. A very interesting dram, rarely do I say it but this probably does NOT need a higher abv. The balance is good and carries itself well, no it is not over complex but it does not need to be, it is what it is and that’s fine by me ..

Nose.. Well this is subtly nice.. Gentle smoke and a faint medicinal scent really sets this nose going, again there is fruit but this is wrapped in the smoke, like a bbq pear or toffee apple roasting on an open fire type of aroma..

Palate.. Strangely good, it does not have a big kick, but it does have a interesting smokey, sweet, oaky taste that just complements itself rather well.

Finish.. Subtle and smokey..

Thoughts.. When I see peat on young (ish) whisky I immediately think big, bold and full on flavours but this is rather delicate and I suppose tame.. But that really does help it, the flavours get a chance to come out and are not overpowered into a bottomless pit.. Certainly worth a try, and is possibly something for the peat lovers on those hot summer nights when the monsters are just too big..

I would like to thank Robert Ransom for the two official samples..

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